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ParkWatchReport - Report from Anywhere!

ParkWatchReport has listened to the feedback provided by our most reliable users and we have responded to their request for more choices in how they can report a concern.  This, Report from Anywhere, website is new and quick to access, A  free phone app (available at Google Play and Apple Store) has been intoruced and, just recently, we added  call-in reports.  No matter where you are or what means of communication are available to you, the message you have for a particular land manager to can be sent.

Please be sure to give us loc...


Park & Trail Users:

You’re out there on the trail, minding your own business, enjoying a quiet ride/walk/jog and suddenly a group of motorcycle riders come down the trail. The trail specifically forbids motorized vehicles, yet these guys are out there, tearing it up.

Do you know who to report it to?


Land Managers:

Consider how many phone calls, faxes, emails, texts, and “visitors” who want to inform you of a new splash of graffiti, a mountain lion or rattlesnake sighting, tree down, strewn litter, dogs off leash, wasp or beehives, etc., etc?



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